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Custom Ute Tool Boxes

No matter what the size of your utility vehicle, it’s always wise to have your tool box professionally fitted to the ute’s tray. Too small and it will move around everywhere while you’re driving, potentially leaving your organised tools in a state of disarray; too big and the squeeze might be so tight that you can’t open the tool box. But when you get the dimensions just right, you should be able to get the most from your ute tool box without causing it unnecessary wear and tear. Custom Canopies and Toolboxes specialises in the design and creation of custom ute tool boxes in Melbourne, built tough to fit perfectly into any ute under tray.

Built To Last

Whether you opt for an aluminium or steel ute toolbox, you can trust the custom designers and manufacturers at Custom Canopies and Toolboxes to deliver a finished product of the highest standard. The use of corrosion resistant treatment to reduce the likelihood of rusting positions our ute boxes among the most stylish, user-friendly and functional available in Melbourne. No matter what the shape or depth of your ute tray, you can rest assured knowing that our tool boxes for utes are built to last.

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