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Storage Boxes for Utes

Working as a tradesperson and going from job to job on a daily basis requires a certain level of organisation and order – and the old principle of ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ is crucial for an efficient and effective working day. Throwing everything in the back of the ute just won’t cut it, but with storage boxes for utes, you’ll be able to enjoy improved organisation and order that helps to reduce stress. Custom Canopies and Toolboxes is your home for quality storage boxes made here in Australia. Discover a great range of ute storage boxes that can help you drastically streamline your workplace operations.

Discover the Versatility and Quality of Our Ute Storage Boxes

Whether you’re a tradie using ute storage boxes for your work tools and equipment, or a holiday-goer packing for a camping holiday with the family, you’re sure to be impressed by the quality workmanship and design that goes into each of our products. Available in a variety of different sizes and manufactured from heavy duty flat sheet, checker plate or powder coated aluminium, our storage boxes for utes offer the perfect combination of versatility, safety and style.

Custom Designed to Suit Your Requirements

Custom Canopies and Toolboxes make ute storage boxes to your specifications, taking care of everything from design and fabrication through to installation in your vehicle. For a competitive quote on storage boxes for utes in Melbourne, click here to fill in your details. For further information, you can also give us a call on (03) 9812 6331 or email


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